Details make the architecture; Craft makes the details.


Over many projects, we have been fortunate to work for some amazing firms, as well as on our own.  Over our 20 year career, our design and craft has grown and been refined, and even defined, by some of the people we have worked with - architects, owners, craftspeople, constructors, and sub-contractors.

Drawings are the craft of the architect.  We create them to communicate the intent, the desire, and the expectations for the project.  Materials and assemblies are the craft of the constructors, the contractors, and the craftspeople - they create our designs in the real world.

Below are a few selected images of details, objects, and assemblies in which we have had a role, or been responsible for, over our career.  Attribution is given to the office under prior employment where we designed the elements.  Unless noted otherwise, photos are by Tobin Studio | PLLC.