About The Firm

Tobin Studio | PLLC is one of the only classically trained traditional architecture firms in North Carolina.


Founded by award-winning architect Sean J. Tobin in 2013, Tobin StudioPLLC is a small, client-oriented design firm. We provide design, management, and consulting services to our clients in their living and working environments. We specialize in residential and small office or tenant fit-ups. We work with our clients to help them realize their goals of creating a better environment in which they can live and work. Our services to clients range in scale and scope, and are customized to each client and each project.

Our relationship with each client begins at our initial phone conversation, and we strive to create a team from the very beginning, as we know the best projects are the ones where design principles, value, and communication are shared throughout the process. We treat each project as a story, a chapter in our clients’ lives. We are there to help provide a framework for the client to tell us what will happen in the next chapter of their lives, and we use our design skills and experience to realize that story.

The firm remains small by intention, with a limited number of projects at any one time in order to stay focused on the projects we have, and to manage our resources as efficiently as possible. We are firm believers in providing the best service that is needed, so with some projects we need to devote more time and detail than others. We may provide only sketches to some clients, and may do full construction drawings and shop for product selections on other projects. Our expertise and consultant relationships extend to all aspects of the projects, and we focus on providing the services that each client needs, or wants, us to provide.

We believe that our legacy will be defined in the buildings we design, the relationships that we foster, and the stories that will be experienced by our clients in the buildings and spaces we designed for them. To that end, we believe that all of our projects should be sustainable, and built and designed with a conscious awareness of the context around them, and an awareness of what is used to construct them.